Friday, April 24, 2009


Easter was a little different this year. We were supposed to have Monkey's friend Party that Saturday, but early Saturday morning she came down with the stomach flue. Bug had a bad cold as well. So our weekend was really low key. We did color eggs but mean mommy wrote a note to the Easter Bunny asking him not to hide any treats this year.
The girls had fun coloring the eggs. Bug was fascinated with the color changing eggs. I love two year olds!

We had done Monkey's hair in curlers for her party. The curls stayed for almost a week. I love her curls.

Sunday morning the girls weren't allowed to go to church, but I still wanted them to feel like it was Sunday so we dressed up and found eggs.

Monkey insisted again and again that she wasn't sick anymore, and my siblings wanted some helpers with their egg hunt so we went to visit grandparents. Perhaps not the brightest idea, but it was a much needed break to our boring weekend.

I made an Easter tree. This is my first one ever. I was excited.

We went and visited the Calls after going to Thackers and Bug loved spinning on her uncle's shoulders.

Overall it was a fun and beautiful Easter. I am so grateful for my Savior and the blessings that he has given to me and my family.


Charlotte said...

Sick for Easter- how sad. But you still managed to have fun!

Twinlinebackers said...

What a nice Easter. No treats? No candy? You are so mean! (Was it my fault? Did I rub off on you? hee hee). The curls are gorgeous. How fun. Looks like bug needs curlers too. Her hair is so straight in those pix. They look darling dressed up for Easter and your tree is wonderful! Nice job.

Lexie said...

What a fun Easter. I love M's curls and the picture of her in her Easter dress finding eggs, what a doll! Bug is looking more and more like you when you were little, at least to me!


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