Friday, October 16, 2009

It's autumn time!

I love fall! I especially love October in Utah.
Yesterday was such a nice day Mr. Call and I decided we would go to our favorite place growing up. We spent a lot of time here during our teenage years. Too bad they charge money now to get in. But hey at least the bathrooms are kinda decent during the summer.
We went for a picnic and a hike. And it was beautiful!When I would get homesick in Connecticut I would go for a drive down route 9 and pretend I was driving in Mueller Park. It seemed to help especially if I didn't look up and expect to see mountains. :) I have missed this place. (side note for those familiar with Mueller Park; Monkey and Mr. Call went back today and hiked all the way up to Elephant Rock. I was so proud of my girl! I was also glad I wasn't there in my condition, it would have taken forever. )
I know it's not Vermont, but I will definitely take it! There would have been better pictures but it was starting to get dark. It doesn't matter though, because the leaves changing colors, makes me so happy!
We took an impromptu picture of our family. This is the only one where everyone was looking at the camera.
But we got some cute pictures of the girls. So I'm happy.
Here I am at 38 weeks.
On our way back down on the hike, Bug started rawrring and holding her hands up like this. When we asked her what she was doing she said she was a bear.
Whoa, Bear!


Amberly said...

Oh man, this makes me miss the girls, even though I saw them like a month ago..... And ps, you are just the cutest pregnant girl I've every seen!!! So excited to see Lila, maybe she should come today and share my birthday ;) jk I know you want her to share yours kind of :)

Kris said...

mr call looks like he got caught by surprise! hahaha....geez , you are going to be so happy when this baby comes any second now....she probably already is!

Charlotte said...

Fall is my favorite season. Your family is looking lovely.

Lexie said...

Oh, I LOVE Mueller Park! I still can't believe they charge for it now. Tell Monkey I am so proud of her for hiking Elephant Rock. I'll bet she loved achieving that feat with Dad. What a great memory and accomplishment. By the way, you look so cute!

Allisun said...

Whoa, Bear! So funny. Thanks for the laugh and the memory reminder. You kiddies are so cute! Good luck getting the next one here!

Becca said...

whoa bear indeed! lol!
I am jealous you went to mueller park! zach has never been there and i need to take him. you got some great pics! what fun and good for you...even if it did cost money!
and you look fabulous!


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