Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Halloween!

There's lots of fun on Halloween!
Mr. Call and I opted out of costumes this year, taking on the roles of proud parents instead. But the girls still needed to celebrate. They had been so excited for their costumes, until the big night came and Bug decided she didn't like being dressed up. And I may be the meanest mom ever, but this picture is so expressive I can't help but post it.Here is the best picture we have of the two girls in their costumes.
Can anyone teach me how to get rid of the glare in this picture? I tried my best with my limited knowledge.
It only took Bug one door for her to realize that she was going to get treats, and then she was a very happy, very excited penguin.
Here's my kangaroo showing me her early loot.
Trick or Treat!
Both girls were troopers never complaining about being tired. They probably could've done more, but momma was done.
It was so fun to see the penguin waddle as fast as she could to get to the next door and keep up with sis.
The loot and happy girls.
Another picture of the baby penguin. I just can't get enough.
Every year my extended family has a Halloween party. I look forward to it all year long. Everyone in costume gets to be a star and participate in that years skit. It's video taped to be seen later. It's quite entertaining. This years story was a lot of fun as always and this is definitely the cutest lobster bisque I have ever seen.
My cousins are the greatest.
(Back row: Robin and Batman, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Flapper, Funky Chicken, Punk, Goth, Farmer with Lobster. 2nd row: Gangster, Energizer Bunny, Penguin, Michael Jackson, Sierra, Cooper, Cook, 50' girl, Baby Penguin. Kneeling: Snow princess and Kangaroo).
Thanks family for the fun times and thanks Mom and Dad for hosting. It was great!


Karen said...

That picture of Bug just breaks my heart. Are you sure you can't just send her to me to have some fun times? I need a Monkey and a Bug Hug!

April said...

I'm a little late but congrats on the new baby! You must be running around in circles!

Lexie said...

Love the pictures! Poor Bug! Monkey makes a great Kangaroo, what an original costume, Kastyn was so excited to see it because Kangaroos are her favorite animal. She thought it was awesome. Love the big group shot from the cousins party, can you email it to me? I'd love to look at it bigger. That party is one of the best traditions ever, don't you think?

jenica said...

happy birthday, love!

Laurie said...

How cute is your little baby! Three girls, just like me. I hope you love it. They're adorable in their Halloween garb.

Britt-Marie said...

Darling. Those photos where they are not happy always tell the best stories. They're good to have around to keep it all real. I love their costumes. I'm so glad you dressed up your baby. Babies in costumes are the cutest. Looks like a fun party! Happy Halloween-and birthday!

Hale Family said...

Your pictures of Bug are similar to mine of Tyton. ;) I am glad that she learned to love it! ;) Candy always helps! I love the costumes, especially the babies! ;) Congrats on your cute family!


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