Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summary of our summer

An overview of our summer so far.
Monkey got her PhD at the end of her 3rd grade year!

Bug did a great job and looked beautiful at her Kindergarten Program. We loved her teacher!

Monkey made a fire for their indoor campout.

Sleeping in their "tent".

Selling Lemonade!

Wishing Andrea Farewell for 18 months.

Meeting up with far-away friends.

Free concerts in the park.
Celebrated our Nation's holiday with a children's parade, good food, movies and fireworks
At the zoo we found a monkey...
And a Boo!
We had a Thacker Reunion where we went to Welfare Square....
And a local splash pad. We love being with cousins.
We went camping with my family.
And we hiked to Donut Falls. My girls are still talking about the trip!
We have had a great summer! It's so nice to have a long break to spend with my family.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Looks like you are having such a fun summer! Maggie is getting so old I almost didn't recognize her in the picture with the scooter. Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas!


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