Monday, September 7, 2009

Our first week of school

Well we finished our first week with Monkey as a kindergartner. She has been so excited and loving it! Here's my cute girl.
I couldn't get her eyes open. ;)
As we got to the school the kids had to line up. Bug insisted on lining up behind her sister. And every day has asked if she could go to kindergarten too.
And off she goes, it's the highlight of her day.


Julie said...

They both look so cute! I love Monkey's curls--she looks so big! Thanks for posting these--I miss you guys! Tell the girls hi from me! And good luck getting through the last bit of pregnancy. I hope it's going well. I am excited for the new baby--though I'm sure I'm not as excited as you. :)

Twinlinebackers said...

She looks so darling. With those curls she looks like Shirley Temple. Soo so cute. And bug really looks too big. My baby better not look that big in 6 months.

Britt-Marie said...

Oh my she is such a doll with those curls! I love it! I can't believe she's going to school. What a big girl!


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