Monday, September 7, 2009

Sister's wedding! Updated, lots of pictures

We had a really busy week, with Mr. Call and Monkey starting school, my sister getting married, there was a lot of excitement to be had.
My battery was being difficult on the day of the wedding, so for now these are the only pictures I have. I've added more! Some of you have seen these already from my Dad's email, but some haven't.
Here are the good looking couple.
Here they are coming out of the temple.(Me and my siblings)
Bug was fascinated with everything wedding. She loved her dress, the bride's dress, the jewelry, the cake, the flowers. She was in awe the entire day. She is such a girly girl. Now if she would just stop cutting her bangs, momma could have even more fun dressing her up.
Tossing the bouquet...
Monkey wanted to catch it so bad! She even had great uncle Richard hold her up so she could have a better chance. Unfortunately things didn't quite go according to her plan.
Monkey was also the flower girl which in our family means she gets to pass out the napkins. :)
She did such a great job, even later that night and the next day she made it her official responsibility. Just don't mess up the napkins or try to fix them unless your name is Amylyn. She also wanted to help with everything!
I love this picture of Monkey. She so wanted to be coloring butterflies not standing still for pictures. :)
The colors were cranberry, burnt orange and marigold. As you can see from the bouquet, it turned out beautifully. We also let off butterflies. It was pretty neat to see them flying around and some even stuck around before taking off.

Now for the garter It was a dogpile on top of my poor younger cousin.
Now for some family pictures.
I got to sit at the book.
My beautiful sisters. Yeah, I know I'm really short.
My family.
It was a great day and to top it off BYU beat the Sooners. Go COUGARS!

(Photos courtesy of Jeff Haslam Photography and me, Mine and my girls dresses courtesy of my wonderful Aunt Paula.)


Amberly said...

Oh man, those two girls were the best!!! Bug loved to show off her flowers to everyone, you could get her to come to you if you just said, show me your flowers, and Monkey was super serious about being helpful all day long!! If you look at my album on facebook, she's in like every picture helping with something!! Love you guys!!

Twinlinebackers said...

No pictures of you? After all my lack of help on a dress I really need to see a picture of what you found.

Lexie said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, I've been so wanting to see some. I heard it was such a fabulous day. Post more, post more, pretty please?

Britt-Marie said...

OH! I'm so glad you posted some pictures. How exciting. Is that in your parent's back yard? Those flower girl dresses are darling. Looks like everyone was having a lot of fun.

The Simple Things said...

What a fun summer! I wish I was there to buy some yummy lemonade! I hope you are all doing are totally winding down-the babe is almost here! How exciting! Hope all is well, just wanted to say hi!

Shani said...

Beautiful beautiful wedding, and I agree.....GO COUGS!

Twinlinebackers said...

I LOVE your girls' dresses! Those are so darling. Where did you get them?
Yours is cute too. I'm glad you found something. Did someone make it? What kind of material did you get and was it cool enough?


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