Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pioneer Day

In Utah Pioneer day is a big to do. Since the capitol draws a lot of attention on the 24th, our city celebrates on the 23rd with a parade.
The girls and Lou had made matching T-shirts at Oma's for the parade.

On the way home we ran into Maxine and Luigi, who had just drove down from Idaho.
Bug was being super girl. I love that her candy bag was her cape!
Flying with Uncle Luigi
Usually we go see fireworks, but the girls were so tired and we were so late we stayed at home. Much to my surprise because our beautiful tree is gone in the front we could see the fireworks from our house, but across the street had a better view. So we hung out with our neighbors for a bit.
The next day Michelangelo went with his family on a beautiful hike. It was going to be too much for the girls so we went with my family to the carnival at the park.
Lala with aunt Grace
We stopped to watch the performers where Bug proceeded to steal the show. Everyone was laughing and cheering her on. At one point the announcer made a comment about us in the back really enjoying ourselves. Little did they know which show we were enjoying.
Monkey enjoyed the bouncy slides
I think the swings were Bug's favorite.
Proof that they are their Daddy's girls. I don't think I was brave enough for this ride until I was a teenager.
They enjoyed this
A little dizzy after
That night we did some fireworks together.

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