Thursday, May 19, 2011

18 months.

 Boo is 18 months for a few more short hours. So here are her 18 months stats.
  • Weight:  about 23#12oz. 40% . She doesn't like to sit or stand still on the doctors scales.
  • Height: 31 inches 27%
  • She has beautiful blond hair with a little curl at the back.
  • She loves to get a book find me and cuddle with me while we read.
  • She loves milk and cheese and not much else. In fact she can say bottle (which usually means milk unless someone is drinking juice) and cheese (which basically means food, if cheese is not available.)
  • She loves dolls and calls out baby when she sees a doll. Her favorite thing to look at are babies. 
  • She loves having her picture taken.
  • Her vocabulary is building every day. She already could say Uh-oh, Daddy and Mommy, now she says Pa (Grandpa or Opa), Ma (Grandma, Oma), Chadee (Chadley), Monee (Maggie, this one is hard to decipher from Mommy), toes, eyes, shoes, moo, neigh, pig, da-ee (doggy), Inny (Ginny), Suzie, ouch, owie (messy diaper), thank you, please, candy, and pretty
  • She's really good at getting me a diaper or her shoes. 
  • She loves to color
  • She loves to go down the slide. 
  • She loves baths. 
  • She also takes a nap around noon for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • She's probably my most patient child I have ever had and the first one that will sit on my lap when I need her too. 
  • She is also my first climber. She has already climbed out of her crib, up to Monkey's bed with and without a ladder. 
  • She has learned that if she bites or scratches she can get her way with her older sisters. We are working on that. 
  • I think she has nightmares, because she'll wake up crying every night, but then go back to sleep.
  • She starts to cry if you look at her crossly so luckily she hasn't attempted to climb up to Monkey's bed since she has gotten in trouble. I just hope it stays that way. 
  • I love to watch her run because she shakes her hips as she runs. It's too cute. 
  • She loves to put her forehead against yours and look up at you.
She is so precious and I am grateful everyday to have her in my life. 

Good luck to Karen. I hope everything went great with your thesis today!

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