Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 29th and a plug.

Happy Birthday Kurlz!
Saturday was Kurlz' birthday and since he will never read this, I will tell you why I am so grateful he was born 29 years ago.
I love this guy. I love that because of his dream we moved across the country where we made friends with some truly incredible people.
I love that he is supportive of me while I go to school. He usually makes dinner, helps me clean the house, and frequently even breakfast, all while holding two jobs.
He loves playing with his girls and is so good to help me out with them. He also loves his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and takes his priesthood responsibilities seriously.
I love that he will carve pumpkins and go to parties with me even though he'd rather skip the pumpkins and stay at home being with me or else working on his art.
Which brings me to these pictures and a shameless plug for my husband's work. I love that my husband is passionate about his art, and that he is willing to explain to me the processes that sculpture requires.
(His senior project at Lyme Academy of Fine Art)

(Bas Relief of Monkey)

(Drawing of the Salt Lake Temple)
(Drawing of a friend's son)
I love that he is passionate about scouting. He is willing to camp in single digits during the winter and he cares about the boys he works with. Not to mention scouting has created one outlet for him to sell his work.
You can also obtain original neckerchief slides at Ebay. His business is called neckerchiefsllc.

He is so sweet to me, and I am so grateful he is mine.

(A shout out to my brother. Happy Birthday tomorrow!)


Sarah said...

Wow, yeah, he's very talented! Those drawings are amazing!

Linds said...

I'm happy about your new blog because now it shows up on my google reader! :) your hubby's artwork is so good... the picture of the SL temple? wow. just amazing!


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