Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm back!!!!!!!!

We got our internet back again.
Two things I have learned from this experience:
1. I can survive without the internet.
2. I don't like it. Not one bit.
  • I miss being able to check on my finances, look up symptoms on WebMD or finding out what spider I just saw.
  • I miss being able to find out the fun activities happening in the area and finding good deals on craigslist, or KSL classifieds.
  • I missed being able to put up pictures of my kids and explaining what was happening, because for me blogging is my way of scrapbooking. When I didn't have access to my blog I was so unmotivated to bring my camera along to events and then I would miss all those cute moments, which made my heart ache at times. But what was I going to do with those pictures? At this point getting out all of my scrapbook stuff just to be interrupted by darling "helpers" is not exactly my idea of fun. Now I will do my best to be better at posting more regularly.
  • But most of all. I missed you my friends. I missed keeping up with what was going on in your lives, being able to email and not feel guilty about the time I was taking up on someone else's computer to do so, that feeling of friendship that comes from finding out what you been up to and not feeling like I'm missing out on everything. Last night when we got the internet up and running it felt so refreshing to be able to visit with friends, read notes from you, and see pictures of you and yours electronically.
This time around I will be better at doing other things first, but it is so nice to know that I can be in contact with you with the immediacy that the internet provides. Yeah for technology!


Britt-Marie said...

Hurray! I'm happy for you. It's definitely tough, I've done it before. I'm excited to see some of whats been going on with you! Welcome back! ;) hehe

jenica said...

glad to have you back!
it's been so long i forgot you were pregnant! oye!

Lesley said...

Glad you are back!

Kris said...

Welcome back!

Twinlinebackers said...

A big welcome back. I missed you sorely!

Charlotte said...

Welcome back, I don't think I would have made it.

Amberly said...

Hooray!!!!!! PS.....can I come hang out with you sometime before your 3rd little angel comes?!?! Oh, and after would be great too!!!! :)


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