Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a new year

I am so excited for 2009!!
Last year was kinda depressing and stressful. Even January 1st of 2008 there was a certain dread in my heart. This year I am determined to be better. I'm going to look for the joy and beauty in life. I'm going to be more balanced spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'm not going to be perfect because I have so far to go before I reach that, but I will be better.
Ok, so that may seem kinda broad, so I have to admit that the goal that I wrote for the Thacker envelope was to read my scriptures every day. I'm telling you this to make myself more committed to it. I figure if I end 2009 and I have read my scriptures 90% of the time, then I'm doing pretty good.
This year started out fantastic. My Dad picked up the girls for the day, I was able to read my scrips, my sweet husband made me breakfast and even dinner, I was able to get a shower first thing in the morning (which is harder to do in the mornings these days), and I was able to finish an assignment. I love this start I've got.
We have had 5 deer visiting our house this past week. They even slept here one night for a little while. They finally came during the day and my hubby got a picture. I guess this is what happens when people build on top of their homes. I'm just glad I could provide them with some grapes, rotten apples, grass and a safe place to rest. Can I just say that I think they look so much better then the scary looking white tails I saw in Connecticut. Merry Christmas my friends, merry Christmas.
For New Years we went to my mom's house. They had been out celebrating my brother's full tuition scholarship. GO Bry! So we helped make some yummy food. By the time we got done it was almost time for the new year, so we decided to stay. Here is poor Bug almost asleep on the floor.
Here is us getting ready to ring in the New Year.
Monkey thought the Poppers were pretty neat.
Here's a funny picture of me for your enjoyment. I love my new hat.

HAPPY 2009 Everyone! It's going to be a great year.

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