Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ME Me me

On facebook everyone seems to be doing this random 25 things about yourself. I got tagged a few times so I followed. And it was kinda fun. I thought with all that work for facebook I might as well put it here.

1. I have always wanted to go sky diving
2. If I could travel anywhere I would want to go to Italy for a couple of weeks
3. My first name comes from a town in Belgium, my parents just changed the spelling
4. I was in college before I stopped wishing I could be an astronaut, a teacher on the space station to be exact. Now I think my Calculus and Physic's grades will keep me from achieving that dream. Although I'd like to take a trip up there someday.
5. I love bread, especially the white, fluffy, bad for you kind.
6. I'm not a huge fan of sweets. Bread is generally my sugar. Although chocolate donuts can be a weakness.
7. I've always wanted to learn how to sing.
8. Someday I want to be in a musical or a play.
9. I was a band nerd all though Junior High and High School, and I'm proud of it.
10. I love adventures
11. My husband is an incredible sculptor. Check out his work here.
12. My husband and I were friends in high school, but never dated until 3 years later in college.
13. I love music, except for rap and really hard rock.
14. I get really ornery when I stay inside for more than a day.
15. I am a full time student at WGU trying to become a teacher.
16. My second child was born naturally, and it's the proudest moment of my life.
17. I want to be a photographer so badly, but I have a really long way to go. I need someone to teach me.
18. I worry a lot that I have hurt or offended someone. I just want everyone to be happy.
19. Hugs are an important part to my well being. Sometimes when I having a bad day I just need a good hug, and I feel rejuvenated. I also hug a lot. It takes people off guard sometimes. That's how I was raised.
20. I hate Mayonaise, cottage cheese and most other white gooey stuff. I don't like the taste, touch, look or smell.
21. I am a blog addict. I think it stems from my love of scrapbooking, but since I can't do that anymore with out little helpers, a blog is a way for me to continue that outlet.
22. I would love to learn how to digital scrapbook.
23. I'm a clutter junkie. I used to tell my mom in high school that it was random organization.
24. My girls smiles and hugs brighten my day.
25. I believe sidewalk chalking is a good way to show you care.
For your reward for reading the post a funny picture of me on my favorite holiday.


A&W Waggoner said...
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Twinlinebackers said...

How funny that I can see your face. You still look just the same! How darling!!!! Soon you'll be a teacher and most of your kids will be little space cadets. Is that close enough? =) I wish I could give you a hug!!!

Lexie said...

Love your list & I love that you have that picture in front of the fireplace at my parent's. Those Halloween parties are one of my favorite traditions!

Lesley said...

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out a closet and found old pic from college and now come to think of it everyone of them you were in you were hugging someone. What a lovebug you are :)

Tim, Katie, and Chase said...

I didn't know your name was Belgian. I grew up in Belgium. And I love your name :)

Also... I feel you on #20. All that stuff grosses me out.


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