Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bug is 3

April started off with Bug turning 3. I tried to make a cake for my princess, this was how my second try turned out. You should have seen the first. I gave up for the day and made a couple of cupcakes instead.
How I love my little princess.
I love the way she grins at me with a mischievious smile whenever she wants a hug or knows she's done something bad.
I love the way she looks at me with her big puppy dog blue eyes when I tell her she shouldn't do something, like play with my makeup for example.
I love that she has an imaginary dog named Puna, and that Puna is a good dog who sleeps and eats outside.
I love how she is always asking me if I'm happy, sad or mad.
I love her hugs, even with her tiny arms, her hugs make you feel secure and loved.
It melts my heart when she tells me that Heavenly Father likes her, that He is her favorite and that He talks to her heart. 
I am also grateful for inspired nursery leaders.
I love how she can pick up a tune after hearing a song once and the words after hearing a song two or three times.
I love her determination to keep up with the big kids.
I find it amusing that she has decided she is going to marry the neighbor boy who seems to enjoy picking on her.
I love that she has to have me sing her a song even though her sister is fine just listening to a tape at night.
I love how careful she is when she colors, making sure to stay in the lines.
I love that she insists on wearing a dress or her dress up clothes everyday
I love that she adores her little sister, and loves to hold and talk to her. She'll even go wake her up if she is bored.
I love the way she dances and twirls in her dress up.
I love how even though she may be more quiet than her older sister she is just as determined.
I love that she will put barrettes in her hair everyday and proclaim herself stawlish.
I love how proud she was of herself when she learned how to walk in her cast.
I love that even though she draws with marker up and down her leg all the time, it took her two weeks to let us write on her cast, because "markers are for paper".
Our lives have never been the same since you entered them dear Bug. I hope that you will always crave hugs from your mommy and daddy and that you will use your big heart for good in this world. Because your heart reminds me to be a little kinder, gentler, to speak softer, and be more patient.


Shani said...

I love that you attempted a cake. A step further than I would have gone for sure. I don't bake very well. What a wonderful tribute to your special little lady!

Brenda said...

She is darling, I love hearing those things about her.

Lexie said...

It's so fun to learn more about her and I'm so glad she had such a great birthday. What is the cast from? There's a story I need to hear!

David and Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to Bug! What a fun post to read. I needed to hear that very last part to be reminded. Thank you! Does she have her cast off yet? I forgot she broke her leg. I hope you are all doing well!


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