Monday, May 31, 2010

Bug's leg

Some of you saw this picture and asked what happened.
Well I went to my last class for the semester on April 19. I ended the semester with an A and two A-'s! I was so proud of myself and so excited to go play with my family that week. I had big plans, the aquarium, the park, the rec center, you name it. That evening the girls jumped on our neighbors trampoline and within a few seconds I heard a blood curdling scream. I ran outside carrying Lala and my neighbor ran outside as well. Monkey and friends thought Bug had landed and scraped her knee on the springs. I tried to get her to walk on it, but she wouldn't. I guess I need to lift some weights, because I couldn't carry her and Lala so we kinda hobbled to the house. It was a mixture of carrying her and making her take a step, with her crying the whole way. Now I feel awful about that. I laid her on the couch and she fell asleep.
Later that night after Michelangelo had carried her to bed she started screaming again. This is not my typical Bug. So my sweet husband took her to Instacare for x-rays. He said she cried for me the entire time except for when she was screaming to leave her alone. It still makes my heart ache to even think about it.
It turns out she had a buckle fracture below the knee, but they needed to have the X-rays looked at and the guy in charge had gone home for the night. He wouldn't be in until 5:00 the next night, and then we would have to wait until the day after that to get a cast on. So this is how we spent the next three days.
It got to the point that Monkey started to get jealous of the the treatment Bug was receiving. She even said she wished she had broken her leg. But she did get a lot of homework done. Within two days of getting her cast on Bug was moving around and even got pretty fast with it.
The doctor said that this type of break is pretty common with two and three year olds this time of year, and that they heal very fast. Sure enough, when the four weeks were up and the cast came off the leg had healed perfectly.
I think what really happened was Bug fractured her leg when she landed, because the four girls were all on the tramp together. Then she couldn't get up and so the girls thought she had scraped her knee on the springs.
She still limps a bit but seems to be doing well.


Sarah said...

I'm so glad she is doing better! Having children get hurt has to be one of the scariest things.

Lexie said...

Wow, what a story for a little gal! I'm so glad that it healed well and that the cast is off before the summer gets too hot.

Britt-Marie said...

Oh wow! I can't believe that. I see kids with casts sometimes and think, ah, poor kid. But realize it's a common experience for kids. These days though, I always think of the parents (especially the mother) and how traumatic it is having a child get hurt. I'm glad she's getting better.

Lesley said...

Oh my sounds like quite an adventure! Glad she healed up okay!


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