Saturday, August 28, 2010

We caught fish!

My Dad took us fishing!
My Dad helped Bug catch her fish.
Bug's first fish!
 Michelangelo helped Monkey with her rod.
Monkey's first fish was a fighter! He got the hook stuck down his throat, and when Michelangelo went to take it out he was too close to the pond and the fish jumped back in. Luckily I got a picture before that happened, because we had one sad little Monkey for a minute there.  
Michelangelo caught a Tiger Trout. It kept trying to jump out of the bucket the entire time until we gave it to the workers to clean.
At this fish farm you can buy fish food for a quarter. The girls love throwing it in for the fish to eat. There was also a family of ducks. They were so cute.
You can see the fish swim really close to the surface in this picture.
The baby ducks got in because of the little waterfall. But when Momma and one sibling got out the other two ducklings weren't quite big enough to get out. Although they sure did try. The mom called for her ducklings and quacked at any one who dared come close to her babies in the water, and then she just waddled away. I could almost feel her frustration with her children for not following the rules. I feel that way sometimes too. Or maybe she just needed to get some food. I'm not sure. But eventually she came back.
After I was done watching the ducks, Monkey reeled in a fish all by herself! I was so proud of her. I wanted to try it too.
This is me with my finger inside the fish I caught. It felt like lots of teeny tiny teeth. As you can tell I'm not used to sticking my finger down a fish's throat.
We caught enough fish for two meals. They were delicious! My girls and I couldn't get enough. Thanks for taking us Dad!

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