Friday, September 10, 2010

Lala update

Sorry it's taken me so long to write this update. At first I wanted to wait until I could put up video of the cute things Lala has been up to. But I am not very good when it comes to trying to splice video. Then I started to get intimidated about writing this post. You see, I adore this little one. There are so many things I want to express about her, and I can't seem to find words that fit. 
The one thing I can come up with is light. When I think of light I think of Lala. She makes my day better. My cup runneth over, when it comes to her. She has been a complete blessing in our lives. She is exactly the kind of baby I needed right now and still be able to handle school. 
She is so easy going, and happy. She is a content baby and I finally got a mama's girl! She misses me when I'm gone and lights up whenever she sees my face. 
Here she is at 5 months.
She learned how to reach and eat her toes. She is so flexible. She absolutely loves her feet at this stage. She's really good at smiling but doesn't laugh much at this point.
This is Lala at 6 months.
Weight: 15 lbs 10 oz. 42%
Height: 26 in. 59%
Head circ: 45.1 cm 97%
Lala will laugh at Momma but rarely anyone else.
Lala at 7 months swinging
Lala at 8 months swinging.
I love the difference you can see in the two swing pictures. I also love this picture of Michelangelo holding Lala. He thinks the world of her as well.  Lala laughs at Daddy now as well as Mommy.
Here she is in the tub at 8 months. She loves to steal the washcloth from me. She also learned how to sit up shortly after this picture. She loves to grab hair and put her fingers in my mouth or whoever is holding her.
Lala at 9 months.
Weight: 17 lbs. 10 oz. 29%
Height: 27 in. 32%
Head Circ: 47 cm 99% (all my girls have really big heads!)
Proof that she can sit up. 
Here is a picture of her crawling.
She always has to have a leg up in the air. She is constantly kicking the shade on her car-seat and kicking my desk when I hold her. I get comments all the time about how relaxed she looks. I hear her cousin does this too. It must be the genes! Look at that thigh! I love to nibble on that thigh.
This is how she looks now when she's in the high chair. She loves finger food, but her favorite is ice cream. If anybody has some, she will screech an awful sound until she gets some.
 She bounces up and down when she gets excited. She's started to really babble. The neighbor kids are convinced she can say their names. She loves to make up songs. She loves the mirror and looking at her self. She'll give me kisses with her tongue hanging out. She's started to stand up on her own for a few seconds. She laughs all the time now and everything is a game to her. Even when I say no, she thinks I'm playing. Whenever Momma makes a big grin Lala will start to laugh. She loves to be nibbled on, which is good because she is my favorite treat!
Lala at 10 months and 3 days walking with Monkey to her first day of 1st grade.
10 month stats: 
Weight: coming soon
Height: about 30 inches


Matt & Mykel said...

She is SO cute! And you are such a cute mom! Crazy how much she's grown up!

Lexie said...

What a fun update and what a sweet girl. I love that you describe her as light. What a lovely thing to have said about you! It was so fun to meet her when we were out visiting, she does just seem so content and happy. Give her a big hug from us!

Robyn and Blake said...

What a sweetheart! I'm glad you are able to go back to school. I'm sure it's really hard to leave such cute girls, but it's so nice that dad can be home with them.


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