Monday, November 1, 2010

Lala's 1!

So today's my birthday but more on that later.
We turned our internet off for a couple of weeks. I thought I could handle it, and save us money, but it became too difficult with school. Now to catch up.
Last weekend we celebrated Lala's first birthday! I can't believe it, still. And I know it's pathetic, but I cried the night before. I really didn't want it to come. I just want this one to stay little and love me this much for the rest of her life.
She helped Daddy make her cake.
When I got home from school we had an small celebration. School's been really crazy for me, so it's all I could handle at the moment. It was so fun to watch her try and figure all this birthday stuff out.
Grandma brought a gift by and the sisters helped her open it.
Then we lit a candle and had some cake.

It was really good cake. She even licked her plate clean! We celebrated a bit more later that Sunday with her favorite treat, ice-cream!
Some milestones for Lala; she can say bye, hi, dat (usually when she wants food), da der (Tucker), ouf (woof), and her favorite right now is "Uh-oh." She says the last one all the time. She can stand up from a sitting position and take one step, I'm just waiting for her to move her other leg. ;)
She can solid food as long as it isn't bigger than a cheerio and she finally learned how to use a sippy cup.
Her stats:
19 lbs 10oz which is the 26%
29 3/4" which is the 72%


Heidi and Micah Blake said...

She is so cute!!! I wish I could have been there! She is getting so big and to fast :)Love You!!!

Lexie said...

What a doll. looks like some great cake too. I hope school calms down a little soon. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a tall skinny kid! Little Man isn't talking a bit. She's darling.


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