Sunday, November 7, 2010

halloween a week late

Last week was my birthday. I love birthdays, and this was especially good because trick or treating happened the day before so I didn't have to worry about getting my kids out the door and celebrate. We could do it seperately.
My future son-in-law and his family stopped to by to say hello. Their dad is an engineer, so the jelly fish lights up. I was pretty impressed.
I know that joke is getting old, but how fun would that be if that really came true. Such a cute family.
Then we went trunk or treating with my parents. Trunk or treating is when a group lines their cars up so the kids can come to one place and not have to go door to door. It's very efficient, which is why I love it.
And if it weren't for my sister in law we wouldn't have as great of pictures as these. The ones I got were frightening.

Bug was Raggedy Ann and won an award for most original costume at the trunk or treat. Lala was a leopard on Saturday and a pumpkin on Sunday. Monkey was Juliet and I dressed up to fit her time period. I felt like Drew Berrymore on Ever After when she rescues the gardener and has to dress up like a noble.
The next day we celebrated my birthday.

I'm not a big fan of cake, so my cute mom got me a chocolate pie. It was delicious! We had to light and blow out candles fast. I didn't want wax in the chocolate.
 Then we went to my family's annual Halloween Party. But instead of my cousins the 5 little pigs, some of the cast from Toy Story, the Ipod shadows, M&M's, cougar fans plus a referee, a tree, super mom and dad, milk and cookies, salt and pepper, and the Tooth Fairy showed up! It's a good thing we all got along so well!
Back: Toy Soldier (homemade I might add, amazing!), Jesse and Woody, dancing pig, golfer pig, oak tree, Super Dad, Super Mom, cookies, milk, the Wicked Witch, an airline passenger, pumpkin. Front row: Juliet, Tooth Fairy (with bags for fairy dust, coins and teeth. too cute.), Raggedy Ann, Ipod shadows, Piggy that went wee, wee,all the way home, football player, Green M&M, Red M&M, Cougar fan, salt and pepper. Laying down: Cougar referee.

since the pumpkin was looking away here's a better shot.
I love my family so much. They are such good sports and so creative. My cousins in New Mexico drove up and surprised us. We missed the rest of the family that wasn't able to be there, but I always love seeing the pictures that show up later.
The Halloween Party is always so much fun, I just hope we didn't scare away the two significant others that were there. We always do a short little video with plot and sound effects that include all cousins in costume. And this year we had food and a game to include the uncles. We turned our uncles into mummies. Only two people were allowed from each family and there was a time limit. My Dad is my favorite.
Here are the little girls hanging out. I am so grateful that they are getting to know their cousins.
I hope everyone's Halloween was as fantastic as mine was. I'm so excited for November and being 29. It's going to be a good year (I hope).


Amberly said...

This is so fun!!! I love your original costume ideas!!!

Lexie said...

Love the pictures from the party, everyone always does such a great job with their costumes - thanks for putting them up so we could see the fun!

Anonymous said...

Lala is SOOOOOO cute!!!!! You let bug get big. I can't believe it. I'll take Lala now. =)


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