Saturday, December 5, 2009

November in review

I think I have changed my background more often than I have posted this month and for that I apologize. Here is an update for my records of November 2009.
With the new baby and two little girls excited for Halloween I asked my husband and my mom to hold off on my birthday for a couple of weeks. That is why I didn't post anything about it in October. And some of you probably thought I was being humble or not wanting to celebrate. No way! I was actually being selfish! :) I didn't want to share my celebration! I did have a birthday dinner with the Calls and that was fantastic.
Our good friends who were like 2nd parents to us in Connecticut came to visit for my birthday and that made me so happy!
Ok so maybe I wasn't the sole reason for them to visit, but we'll just pretend. Shhh.
  • Monkey bore her testimony in church for the first time. Of course I missed it, but I heard it was great!
  • Daddy and Monkey got to go to two U of U football games. Monkey is now officially a Ute fan. grrrr.
  • Bug's sentences explode. She is a lot easier to understand and she hasn't cut her bangs in over a month! We are making progress.
  • Monkey starts Girl Scouts as a Daisy. She loves it!
  • Birthday shopping with Mom and Grandma. Wahoo! Thanks family and friends for all the birthday wishes! I feel so old.
  • Night out with the girls. Thanks guys, lets do this again soon!
  • Mr. Call finishes new sculptures
  • Monkey makes her own pie with Oma
  • Lala at 5 weeks with Opa. My best guess is that she is about 9 lbs at this point.
  • Thanksgiving: Family and Food = Fantastic! Not able to use any kind of water in my house= Frustrating! These are our grateful leaves, I would also add working plumbing to the mix if I had to do it over. Some of my favorite leaves: Bug= Eyes and face, Monkey= Food and vegetables, voice, Daddy=Beautiful wife and volleyball, Me=my family and parents. I couldn't have survived this year without my parents and mother in law's help.
  • BYU vs. UofU football game. Bug yelling go Cougars whenever somebody wanted her to yell go Utes. :) And then BYU winning the game!
  • Pulling out Christmas decorations.
  • Lala at 6 weeks. She now looks like an infant instead of a newborn.


Kris said...

Such a cute little family, so glad you are still alive!

Twinlinebackers said...

Lala is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britt-Marie said...

Wow. That's quite an update. Sounds like you've had fun. That little one is quite a doll. :)

Lexie said...

What a fun month! I love your grateful leaves and am so sorry you don't have plumbing. Hooray for bug for cheering for the cougs and Tell Mr. Call way to go on the sculptures, they are truly amazing. I can't imagine even being able to come up with an idea like that, let alone create it, they are stunning - just like your cute girls.


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