Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Blessed Day! M&L's wedding

I'm off to a rough start for my Month of posts, but I've been working on other projects, so please forgive me. 
At the end of March THE big event for our family happened. My brother married his sweetheart Leah.It was a beautiful day and such a special occasion. Leah is from Lesotho and so her family wasn't able to be with us, but hopefully M and L will be able to go back to Africa and visit sometime soon.
All the good quality pictures were taken by Jeff Haslam, the rest were taken by me.
 The happy couple coming out of the temple.
 Attack of the sisters.
 Bug was in awe. She was so excited.
My sweet grandparents. 
Grandpa did a beautiful job with the sealing. How lucky to be married by your Grandpa in the temple. I think that is so neat!
 Boo watching the Bride and Groom come out.
 My grandparents with the bride and groom.
 Beautiful Leah.

 Awesome shoes!
Monkey imagining what it would be like to be in Leah's shoes. 
That day will come much too soon for her Mommy. 

The Entrance to Eldridge Manor.
My Grandma O made the flower arrangement and all the centerpieces.
 Notice the hats. They are authentic Lesotho hats!

 Future Photographer practicing her skills with a little friend.
 Our family is growing!
 The wedding line all wore converse shoes because that is what they wear in Lesotho when they go dancing.
Cute Flower girls
Bride and Groom.
 Boo grabbed a hold of Grandma and stayed with her most of the night. I think this was a first for Boo.
 Cute family of mine!
Some pics of the luncheon.

If you look closely I share genes with these ladies!
My sweet family!

The Buffet!
 I love this shot. Bug is so tired. She desperately wants some more treats, but her Mommy has said "No".
 The wedding line dance. This is a Lesotho tradition, and it was so fun to see it done to introduce the Bride and Groom.
 Leah and her host Dad did Thriller for their dance. It was so awesome!
 My Mom and Brother started dancing and little Boo walked right up and insisted that she be included.
 The couple's dance.
Then everybody joined in the fun.
 There was this little area where the little girls hung out for most of the night. They could dance to their hearts content and not get stepped on. It was so cute.
 Sweet Uncle Randall joined in on the fun.

 Bryan and Grace had a dance off.
 Bryan pulled out all the stops including the worm, but Grace still won by a long shot!
 Preston Hill was the best DJ I have ever seen at a wedding.
We had so much fun dancing.
 Boo was beyond tired but still didn't cry.
 The CAKE!
My Mom made the cake here are some of the stages.

Friends caught the bouquet and garter, but sweet Alyssa gave Monkey her bouquet.
 Leaving amidst bubbles!


Amberly said...

This all turned out so great!! I'm still bummed that I couldn't make it! Stupid being sick! :(

Lexie said...

Hooray! It all looks picture perfect. It is so fun to see the pictures of the beautiful couple and your awesome family. Boo looks SO big to me, she is sure growing up! You look gorgeous as well, I love that dress! I wish we could have been there so thanks for posting the pictures!


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