Sunday, May 8, 2011


Tonight was Prom night.
I had the joy of seeing my youngest sister-in-law and my youngest sister go to the dance.
I have had the privilege of seeing these young women grow since they were little girls. They are both so amazing, righteous, smart, funny, beautiful girls and I am so proud of them.

There is something so magical about being pampered and putting on a fancy dress and going dancing with a cute guy.
Both dresses had backs like this.
So pretty but a lot of work!

I enjoy seeing the expression on the guy's face when the see their date all fancy and looking great.
This is Lou's date.
I wasn't there when my sister in  law's date picked her up. But I like to think his expression was something similar to his expression in this picture.
Those boys are some lucky guys. 

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Loralee said...

thanks for posting these pictures! My baby sister looks amazing!


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