Monday, July 18, 2011

The Party Planner

 On Friday Monkey planned an impromptu get together with her friends.
In the beginning it was "can me and (neighbor's name inserted here) have a puppet show?" Sure I said. Then she asked for the phone list of our neighbors. That got my curiosity going. Who was she inviting and when were they coming? She had called 14 kids and I started to panic. I've always wanted my kids to feel comfortable about inviting their friends over, but when it comes right down to it I usually chicken out. I have a ton of excuses, my house isn't clean enough is usually number one. This time I decided to let her run with it as long as we played outside. 10 kids came and I think most of them had fun, but I was feeling pretty stressed about it. Luckily two of the moms stayed and we hung out, so it ended up being enjoyable for me as well. Although when we didn't have enough cups for the kids to get a drink, I made a comment to Monkey that we couldn't do this again for a long time. I wish I could take that statement back. I don't want to ruin this desire to plan things with friends at our house. I need to make sure I have a supply of paper cups and be a better sport about having parties. After all I know how fun it is to get together with my friends and if my girls feel comfortable about having their friends over I'll be able to be more involved in their lives and perhaps they will be as lucky as I am to have such great friends.
Some of my friends later that night at a park.


Amberly said...

I think I just got a glimpse into how my mom might feel everytime I told her that lots of people were coming over. I never knew a number though, I'd just tell her how many we invited and her eyes would get big! Having your house be the hang out house can be fun, no worries! :)

Lesley said...

I love this! What a fun little girl you have..she sounds just like you, the life of the party!


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