Sunday, September 25, 2011


Occasionally my sister in law Grace does a mailbag post on her blog and I love it. So here's my first attempt:

Dear September,
Where did you go? Time flew by so fast.
I am not even close to being emotionally ready for October to be here. It's a rough year for birthdays you know.
August was a nightmare, but you were enjoyable. Could we just rewind and do this month over again?
Enjoying the Moment

Dear 6th grade class and cooperating teacher,
How I love you all. It has been a such a pleasant experience working with you.
Thinking about moving on puts knots in my stomach. If only you could truly know how much I love being there. Wouldn't that be great if the stars aligned and your principal decided he needed me to work there. That would be amazing!
With anticipation,
Positive Thinking

Dear Teacher Work Sample,
Why do you intimidate me so? So much research and technical writing. I don't have time for that, I would rather be blogging.
Miss Procrastination

Dear Monkey, Bug, and Boo,
How I miss your sweet faces.
I am so glad that you look forward to being with the people who are taking care of you. I am also glad that they are such amazing people. Although I miss being with you. I miss your hugs, kisses, and laughter throughout the day. I miss looking into your eyes and seeing  your individual sparks of light shine through during the day. I love the few hours we get together at night. Always remember that you are kind, smart and important to me.
Love forever,

Dear Michelangelo,
THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting me through this ordeal. Thank you for your help and hard work so that life can keep on going without much of a hitch. I'm going to try and be better at keeping the books off the bed so you can go to sleep there instead of the couch. I love you.

Dear Bed,
I miss you. We should get together for more than three hours a night.
Until next time,
Sleep deprived

Dear Body,
What is the matter with you? I'm trying not to complain but we did a lot better with the energy thing last semester than we are right now. Be tough. I promise you a mini vacation if you can hang in there for three more months.
Warm regards,
Crazy person


Stephanie Bishop said...

Sounds as if you are so very near accomplishing your goal! Way to go girl! Working with children is such a blessed experience and saved for the BEST! Thanks for your commitment and good luck getting some sleep!

I found you at MMB.

Lexie said...

What a cute post. I hope everything goes well as you finish up, I'm so excited for you - way to go! By the way, I love the new pics of you guys and your kids. Maybe they've been up for awhile, but they're beautiful - love you!


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