Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas and New Years

I know another graduation picture. But I somehow missed this one and wanted it on my blog.
 After graduation, the Christmas festivities came quickly. It was so fun to watch my girls do gingerbread kids. This was Bug's first time and she seemed to love being up there singing with her sister.
It was Monkey's second year and she had a beautiful solo. I love listening to my girls sing.
Putting up the tree is always fun. I love having all the lights turned off except for the Christmas tree lights and being able to ponder about the purpose of the season.
My mom took everyone that could come to see the Zoo Lights. It was pretty neat. Most of the animals were sleeping and my favorite was the big tiger asleep on it's back, pressing his paws against the window. It was incredible to be so close to such a massive beast.
It was a cold night. This is Boo inside a snack bar under the heater waiting for hot chocolate and churros.
We were troopers and had a lot of fun.
Two monkeys.
I love this shot of Bug with her hat over her face to keep herself warm. :)

Christmas was wonderful. Monkey wanted books and a watch. Bug wanted bugs, a microscope, and make-up. Boo wanted a pillow pet. She also lovvvves her talking Elmo.
New years brought around the traditional Eggs Benedict cooked by my one and only Grandpa "O".  I love it when he cooks.
I know 2012 will bring exciting new adventures to us this year.


Brett and Emily said...

Congrats on graduating! That is no easy feat to be a mom and get a degree. You're inspiring! Looks like a fun holiday season. You're family is darling.

Heidi and Micah Blake said...

I sure missed being with all of you for Christmas! Also I am sad I couldn't convince Micah to come down for New Years Day, not even for Grandpa's famous Eggs Benedict. I love all of your posts :)


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