Sunday, August 11, 2013

Long lost post: Bug's Birthday Party

I have recently realized as I have gone through my posts that I never posted about Bug's birthday. Since my girls only get friend birthday parties on their even years I will never live it down if I don't post about it. After all this blog is my substitute for a scrapbook.

Not only does my Chadley love insects and had such big eyes when she was a baby, but she is also my social butterfly. This is why I call her bug. Her friendliness was also the cause of a dilemma for me as this was her year for a friend party. There is quite a large group of kids her age in the neighborhood that she plays with, not to mention her friends from daycare and her friends from school. I felt guilty about limiting her guest list to 10 plus her sisters. But a girl has to draw a line somewhere, or else she might as well go crazy. And NO ONE wants that. Lucky for me one of my friends introduced me to a perfect solution for my dilemma.

We went to a local gymnastics place. The kids loved it. They had relay races, bouncing competitions, and parachute activities. It was perfect for a bunch of energetic 5-6 year olds. I didn't have to clean my house, be in charge of activities or stress about carpools. The party host was so cute with the kids. It was fantastic. I'm going to have to remember this place when Boo gets older.
Here are the pictures.
 Some of the cute kids at the party. They were all so sweet, talented and so well behaved. Bug has some great friends.
The Gymnasium.
 Playing with the Parachute. They had a great time.
My princess, the birthday girl.
Blowing out her candle.

We had a great turnout. I was so glad so many could come. I am so grateful for our neighborhood and the great friends my girls have.
I love my Bug so much and the energy she brings to our home. I can't imagine life without her.

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