Monday, December 14, 2009

A conversation with Bug

Disclaimer: I am not the artist in the family. In fact Bug draws better faces than I do. And if you want to see some real artwork refer to this post.

Today while Monkey was at school. Bug drew this picture. She then walked up to me and the following conversation ensued:
"Momma, I want a wooser, with eyes, beak, feet and a cwown (crown)." I then preceded to draw a rooster. She immediately got upset and said "No I want a Daddy wooser." Apparently my first rooster wasn't big enough, so I drew a bigger one. She then decided that now that she had a Daddy and a Mommy "rooster" she needed a baby rooster.
When I drew a baby chicken she was very mad that he didn't have a crown as well. I tried again explaining that baby roosters don't have crowns. My clothes horse then huffed off to her room to change into her third outfit of the day.
How I love two year olds. Bug knows exactly what she wants, and she gets so frustrated when she doesn't get it just so. She cracked me up with how specific she was about her roosters. She also has this obsession with stirring liquids. Thanks Bug, for making me and your Daddy smile today when we found my unused pair of chopsticks in the orange juice. That's right we had rice, chicken and OJ for dinner tonight. Oh well at least the chopsticks were clean. :)

The girls are making each others presents this year, any ideas what a 2 year old could make for an older sister successfully?


Stefanie said...

A fruit loop necklace
Or buy those bigger beads they use in ppreschools and such and some yarn... She could make a fun necklace that way too

Britt-Marie said...

Hey. I need your address. Email it to me.
ideas for a two year old. Maybe she could string beads and make her a necklace. Even if they're just dress-up box necklaces.


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