Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bryan's Wedding

My Brother got married! I was so excited to take pictures of the wedding and the scenery  of the different canyons including the grand canyon that we were going to see on the way down and back, but I left the battery for our camera charging at home. So here are a lot of borrowed pictures. Thanks for sharing!
The trip down was fun. When we passed Bryce Canyon and Bug saw the mountains that looked like foam to me, she said "Look the mountains turned to cheese!" It was pretty cute.
The sunrise in the grand canyon, picture taken by my brother Matthew. Since Lala is so little I stayed in a hotel with my Mom, and L and E. So I never actually got to see the Grand Canyon. I guess Michelangelo will just have to take me again.
We crashed when we got to the condo in Arizona
(Monkey, Matthew, L, Bug, and E)
Arizona was beautiful and we had perfect weather while we were there. 
I love the Mesa temple. The temple is such a peaceful beautiful place. The feeling I have inside is unlike anywhere else. I am so grateful for temples.

 I'm also grateful for eternal families. Look how excited my girls were to see their uncle and new aunt when they came out of the temple.
Monkey loved K's zebra shoes.
My girls were fighting over who got to stand next to the bride. Notice Monkey's foot establishing her place on the steps.
My beautiful sisters at the temple
Bug waiting patiently or impatiently to eat the popcorn
The luncheon was fantastic. My favorite was when Bryan performed their song on the piano. K didn't know he was able to do that, so it was pretty sweet!
The reception was gorgeous! The scenery was so picturesque Michelangelo and I couldn't resist taking a walk alone together to enjoy the open space and see some stars.
My beautiful Monkey

Lala discovered blowing bubbles on this trip. She's such a stinker. I would feed her a spoonful of baby food and then jump back so I didn't get sprayed. My mom is laughing at the two of us.
Parents of the groom
My siblings and sweet husband
my family that traveled to Arizona for the wedding. My grandpa got to seal (marry) Bryan and K. Lucky ducks!

Cute couple don't ya think?

My girls watching the amazing video my brother created for his bride.
Trying to catch the bouquet.
Bug getting shy. She loves to dance, but sometimes the limelight is a bit much.
Moving to the music
These two lovebirds know how to have fun. It was a blast to celebrate with them. There was some great dancing at both the reception and the open-house. More pictures on that later.
The drive home was great. And we got to see some amazing scenery. L got some pictures of the red rocks and the Glendale dam that we visited.

We also went back through Zion's canyon and we went through the long tunnel right at sunset. It was incredible to look out the slits in the tunnel and see what was before you as the light hit the rocks. Couldn't take pictures, but it is something I will never forget. This world is so amazing and so varied. I'm so glad that I'm able to see some of it's beauty and I hope to see more in this lifetime.

Photo credits: Kelsey's wedding photographer, Heidi, Leah and Matthew


Julie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! The girls are getting so big, it's hard to believe. :) It was so nice of you all to sing to Ginny on her birthday. She was smiling through the whole thing!

Lexie said...

So fun to see the pictures of your trip and from the wedding. I'm glad that the trip was good and the wedding wonderful!


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