Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend of Sept 25th

Sorry I'm starting to get behind again. Schools starting to get busy.
Last weekend was constantly filled with fun. My cute niece and her parents were in town from NY. It sure was great to see this little one get so big.
 We celebrated my Grandma's 75th birthday! Here I am with my beautiful family. This is less than half of all the grandkids.
 My parents took us to the Circus!!
 It was a show for the senses. It was bright, loud, and very entertaining. They definitely know what they are doing.
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  Lala stayed this way for the first 15 minutes, clinging to Daddys shirt but not able to look away. After that she got comfortable, turned around and started bouncing in her seat. I've never seen Lala so animated. She loved the circus.
 I love how intent Monkey is.
I was also experimenting with my camera. I didn't dare use a flash so these are the pictures that came out.
My Dad's favorite was the Elephants. They were pretty cool.  They even had a baby elephant named after the president. She was cute but hard to get a good picture of. I loved all the acrobats. Although my heart was in my throat the entire time they were performing. I hate heights! 
At one point I gasped really loud and scared my baby because one of the acrobats fell and I forgot there was a net underneath. Monkey didn't though. She made the comment, "Well they could just fall all the time, and the net would catch them." Smart girl.
Monkeys favorite were the firecrackers. At least that's what she called these guys. They were a lot of fun to watch.
I was surprised to find out that Bug's favorite was the Tigers. She's had a lot of nightmares about Lions and Tigers lately so I was really worried when they came out. I guess seeing them in the big metal cage ball, obeying orders from the master helped her feel at ease. Now she's just having nightmares about chipmunks. But they have gotten a lot less frequent.

My Bug, cute cousin, and cute sister

 Opa, Monkey, Oma, and Bug loving the show.
 Lala, Michelangelo, and Me
It was a day I will never forget!
Sunday was spent with family and ended with this beautiful sunset.
These are straight out of the camera, or SOOC as Pioneer Woman calls them.

It's going to be another fantastic weekend. We'll be watching this. Check it out!
*Ringling Brothers has no idea who I am, and I do not benefit in any way from posting about their production.


Parker Family said...

We always love going to the circus too, such fun times!

You are a busy momma, kids in school as well as yourself. Good for you for getting your degree!

You have such a cute family!

Lexie said...

Wow! It's easy to get behind when you have so many fun things going on. I'm impressed with how you guys pack it all in. The sunset looks gorgeous and the circus looks like it was a blast. What a fun memory!


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