Thursday, December 2, 2010

1 more day

So I only have five more papers to write and one more day of school which is next week. Christmas break is almost here!
I had my first day back "as mom" yesterday. Michelangelo got a new job and I was on my own during the afternoon. Now this shouldn't have been a big deal and I had no clue that it was going to be, after all I'm the Mom. I've got this under control. Little did I know. Let me explain....
The past couple of months my wonderful husband has stayed home during the day so that I could go to class. Lately I've been gone a lot, what with going into the elementary schools for my fieldwork hours, finals and such. And while I was working on school, Michelangelo got my two little ones into a routine that worked for the three of them.
Yesterday thinking I know everything, I proceeded to mess that schedule completely out of whack. I didn't follow the morning routine for Lala thus not only throwing her morning nap off schedule but also her afternoon one as well. She finally went to sleep right when it was time to pick up Monkey, so I had to wake her up leaving me one ornery baby. Bug was being a stinker and got upset that I didn't get her lunch right, and it took me a while to find Monkey because I didn't know where her pick up spot was. I was so frustrated!
Today has gone a little better, and I have learned to ask Michelangelo lots of questions before he leaves and during his lunch break. I still messed up lunch but the kids seem a little happier than they did yesterday.
In other news we were supposed to have a blizzard last week which canceled classes and left us a whopping 3 inches. I did manage to snap this gorgeous picture. Ok so I may be the only one that thinks it's gorgeous but after the past couple of days I've got to appreciate the little successes in life!

This was the last tree in our neighborhood to lose it's leaves. It sure was pretty against the snow.
Four days later our blizzard came with 6-8 inches and the colorful leaves are now gone. I'm so glad I only have to worry about snow and not ice storms anymore. Yeah for Utah.

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Becca said...

You are a great mom! That has got to be quite the adjustment to be back at home by yourself! Glad to hear Michelangelo got a job.
I'm sure you will get things back to where you feel comfortable soon.
Oh and I think that is a beautiful picture too! Great job! Love ya!


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