Saturday, December 4, 2010

Checking off my To Do list for Christmas

Shutterfly is doing a holiday card collection promotion. You can receive 50 free holiday cards by going here . My cousins and aunts and uncles use Shutterfly for their christmas cards. They always turn out so beautiful. Plus it is so easy to use.  You can pick how many pictures you want shown, they even have an option to address and send them out for you. My aunt has also used Shutterfly to create amazing books for my grandparents depicting their lives growing up. Fantastic present idea by the way. I like to use Shutterfly to make baby books for my girls Scrapbooking gets too hard with little hands always wanting to help, but with these books their pictures are in a beautiful book that they can look at for ages to come. Shutterfly also has a lot of different products using your pictures. For example if I don't get a calendar this year I will probably make my own using their services at I have used Shutterfly for our Christmas cards in the past when Bug was born. Last year I didn't get cards sent out because I was enjoying my two month old baby too much. But this year I would love to get some cards out. I love Shutterfly and I'm having such a hard time deciding which card is my favorite.

What do you think?
Now if I could find a deal on stamps I would be all set!

1 comment:

Britt-Marie said...

I love shutterfly too. Thanks for letting us (me) know about this. I think it depends on what picture you are going to use. They are all cute though. Can't wait to get one from you ;)


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