Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teaching moments

It finally happened! I had heard my friends talk about how great it is when your oldest starts to teach their siblings. What a wonderful thing it is.
Lala loves to help, but she's tends to cause more problems by "helping". On a laundry day, Monkey decided to teach her how to help.
Step 1: hand her clothes.

Step 2: Throw laundry into the basket. 

She got pretty good at it.

Until she tried to put items in drawers.
It was a little high. She needed help.
I think we'll stick to baskets for now. I'm so proud of Monkey for doing this all on her own without any prompting from Mom and Dad.


Amy M said...

too cute!! i love it when they actually teach them "good things" :) looks like you had a great holiday!! your kids are super cute!

Caranna said...

I saw your link on the '31 days to clean' blog giveaway.

I love when my kids teach each other "good things" too! It's so cute to watch them help and see them learn new things.


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