Friday, May 6, 2011

Bug's Birthday

It's my 100th post!!
Bug's 4th Birthday!
Bug's stats:
Height: 3ft. 4 3/4"
Favorite things: spaghetti, chicken, green beans, Spiderman, being a princess, coloring and writing letters(she is really good at this).
Favorite quote: I'm a beautiful expert (said with her legs crossed and her hands clasped together)
Goals: She wants to be an art teacher, and a teacher teacher.
Randomness of Bug: recently at a ward party, face painting was happening. Bug really wanted a tiger. When it was her turn she requested a Pink Tiger.
I was trying to finish all my papers and projects when Bug and Monkey's birthdays came around so I wasn't sure there would be any kind of party at all. Bug is turning 4 so it is her turn to have a friend birthday party. She wants a Spiderman Tea party. We decided to wait until after finals were over and she is still waiting for her party. I am working on it.
The day of her birth was kept very low key. Mike's parents were out of town and my parents had a wedding reception to go to so it ended up being our little family and my sister Lou, who got the girls these cute little hats that they love!
Monkey had been working for months on Bug's present. She had enlisted her art teachers help and made a blanket/pillow for Bug's dolls.
She sewed it all by herself and stuffed it with fabric scraps her teacher had. Look at this detail. A lot of love went into this gift.
I had fun wrapping this present. Monkey wanted curly ribbon on top so I put a lot of colors into it and Bug said that it looked like a firework.
I had found a doll so she could do it's hair instead of chopping her own.
Michelangelo had bought her a pack of markers. Can you tell what the favorite gift was?

My girls love to color even when it's sunny outside. It drives me crazy because Bug has a hard time remembering to put the lids back on and then the baby always finds them. With the rule that if I find them without lids, I throw them away, they don't last long.
I called my parents to let them know their youngest child was safe and would be home as soon as we finished the cake. My parents, hearing that there was still cake to be cut, came over with my grandparents. When Bug saw both cars pull up, she exclaimed, "Oh, my heck!" It was funny because I've never heard her say that before, and with such gusto. I think she was feeling pretty special.
I had grand plans for the cake, but I am striking out with cakes. I need some practice. Michelangelo came to my rescue and having never drawn with frosting before whipped out a Spiderman cake, which was all Bug had asked for.
Happy Birthday, my goofy princess!

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Amberly said...

Reading this post made me miss these little girls!!! Bug is so big, I can't believe it!! I hope that doll works, it was a good idea!!! :) Love you guys!!!


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