Friday, August 9, 2013

Count my many blessings. Name them one by one.

Today was a bit stressful so I'm going to follow some good advice and start listing things I am grateful for today....
I am grateful for our second car that we just got today. My sister-in-law sold it to us. This car is going to make it possible for me to get to work in the fall and I will be the master of my time. :)
I am grateful for businesses like Barnes & Noble who recognize that teachers use a lot of their own money to buy supplies for their classrooms and so they offer a discount for us. With my gift-card I was able to buy a few new books for my classroom!
I am grateful for a wonderful daughter who loves to help out around the house. She is going to be a wonderful mommy someday.
Monkey's Native American project
 I am grateful for this guy who is willing to take time out of his long day to register the car, let me go for a long walk and scrub my floor. I'm so lucky he is mine.
Us at the Cheesecake factory at City Creek
 I am grateful for that spunky, artistic 6 year old who marches to the beat of her own drum. Sometimes her quiet stubbornness drives me crazy, but I love that she is her own individual.
Girls at the zoo
I am also grateful for my sweet, silly, tender 3 year old. I love that she loves to cuddle and give me kisses. She is learning so much so quickly. I am grateful that she is doing really well with her potty training. Just in time for daycare to start. Hooray!
I am also grateful for a good job as much as I am stressing out about it right now and a good support system.
I am grateful for family that is close by and the opportunity I have to spend time with them.
Bryan as the evil Chauvelin and Kelsey as the beautiful Marguerite in the Scarlet Pimpernel
I really am blessed.

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Amberly Lambertsen said...

You do have a lot of blessings! :) Happiness :)


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