Friday, August 13, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Monkey got to be a big girl and go see Annie Get Your Gun with Grandma and Grandpa over the 4th of July weekend so Bug got to go on a Mommy/Daughter outing to the fair.
We had fun and she caught a crown from the fishing pond. As we were leaving "I like to move it" came on. This was one of the songs used in my cousin's music video. When Bug heard it, she exclaimed "it's the song from our favorite movie!" Then she started dancing and I struggled to get her to leave. It was too cute.
I gotta get this girl in a dance class!
The next day we went to the parade with my in-laws.
Lala and aunt Suzie
Waiting for the parade
Cute girl
Just you wait.
Bug's reaction to the sirens. Lala did ok, except she was really tired. It had been a really long night.
My girls favorite float. Can you guess why?
Go Viewmont Marching Band!
I had to add this one. Michelangelo was commissioned to make busts of Baden Powell (the founder of scouting) that were presented at the National Jamboree this year! Elder Hales, and the Young Men general presidency were each given one. Pretty awesome!
We also celebrated with the Calls the next day.
Grandpa Call worked as a dairy man at one point in his life and he owns an ice cream machine. And I'm not talking about the small ones you buy at the store. If you like creamy, rich ice cream, his house is the place to be.
He thinks it's funny his grandson married a girl who doesn't care that much for ice cream and who's family has all kinds of milk allergies. Oh well. At least I'm not allergic and neither are my girls so far... knock on wood.

We were exhausted after that, but what a fun weekend!

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Lexie said...

So fun to see the updates and all the pictures. Your girls are growing up so fast, it was so fun to see you today. Tell your hubby congrats on all the sculptures being commissioned. Was the jamboree you talked about in VA? I think some of the members of my ward went to it. Love you!


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