Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Living Aquarium

Monkey got to go to summer camp at our local Aquarium. She loved it. The got to be pirates and search for treasure. They got to see some cool animals along the way. She even got to pet a bamboo shark and a stingray. It was a lot of fun for her. We went and saw her graduation ceremony. It was pretty cute.
Her pirate name was Manatee Monkey. j/k
She wants to go back!
After, my parents took us to see the aquarium.  It was pretty neat. Bug just wanted to see the snakes. Funny, because I'm pretty sure she's scared of them. We did get to see a big anaconda snake.
The penguins at the aquarium are so cool! They are the fastest swimming bird at 17 mph and they are so playful. These penquins don't do the alpha male thing. They just see that somebody might be doing something fun and they all waddle over to check out what it is. If it's not that great they'll look for something else to do. They are very active unlike the kind I've seen at the zoo. Not to mention penguins are my Dad's favorite.
Penguins under the water.
My two favorite men.
Bug loved this frog and I couldn't get her off of it.
Cute Lala chillin'.
Michelangelo talked to the administration while we were there and they are having him do a sculpture for them as a fundraiser.
There was so many things to see. We really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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kelseygrace08 said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm so glad Monkey had a good time!


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