Thursday, August 12, 2010


My brother's open-house was a lot of fun. There was ice-cream..
There was popcorn..

The red carpet, complete with paparazzi..
Mind you I don't have my photo shop up and running yet. So all pictures are straight out of the camera
Good company..

Happy faces..
Lala and Ambs
It happened to be my cousins anniversary that very day!
And it wouldn't be a Bryan and Kelsey celebration without dancing..
Bug and cousin A dancing
bustin' some moves
Bride and Groom
K and Bug
B and Monkey
The famous line dance, which I am apparently too old or out of touch to know how to do. But hey I can tell you all the names of the Disney Princesses.
Ok maybe I shouldn't be so proud of that.

My favorite part was when the cop showed up at 8:30 to tell us that someone had complained about the noise and the DJ made a Village People reference and the cop just laughed.  It was a great night.


Amberly said...

I'm stealing that picture of me with Lala, it's my new favorite!!! I miss you guys!!!

Matt & Mykel said...

Ha ha...Such a fun night - I don't think I've danced that much in a year! I mean...what better way to spend our anniversary? :)


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